Our digital wellness studio offers simple but profound at-home courses to transform your relationship with stress, sleep and energy.

Designed by our wellness experts, these courses represent the evolution of Studio Red Wellness from a successful New Zealand studio into a multi-faceted wellness home, with expertise in meditation, movement, breathwork and beyond.

SRW founder Vicky Cullinane sees these courses as both the culmination of the last six years as well as the future of SRW, with her mission to reach even more people globally made possible through an elevated digital experience captured in our New Zealand studio.

Our courses are for people at the beginning of their wellness journey who are in search of simple and practical techniques to manage their stress, improve sleep and harness more energy, as well as those with existing wellness practices who are looking to enhance their knowledge and take their practice to the next level.

Our Introduction course is designed with beginners – or those with a limited knowledge of wellness practices - in mind. Our Intermediate courses build on the knowledge from the beginners course for a slightly more in depth study. Our Masters and Advanced courses are for those that have completed at least one of the previous two courses, or with previous experience in wellness practices.