The Toolbox

Throughout each course, our teachers will guide you through a range of carefully curated practices and methods. Here’s what you can expect:


Catered to suit all levels of experience, our Dynamic Movement Practices were designed to gently break up stagnant energy in the body created by stress. No two practices are the same, but all are designed to generate warmth, clear the mind and prepare the body for the week ahead. You may want to revisit these practices during our course’s ‘Self Practice’ or ‘Break’ days.


A truly restorative experience, Yoga Nidra is the practice of entering the conscious state of mind that falls somewhere between sleeping and being awake. You are “awake” the entire time you practice, but you’re not completely alert. Our experts will help you enter a conscious sleep state, relax the brain, and release any unwanted tension in the body.


A gentle style of yoga that serves to cool, relax, and release connective tissues, joints and fascia in the body. Yin uses floor-based poses, held for longer periods allowing for mindful breath connection and a deeper release into a pose.


For centuries yogis have used breath control, or pranayama to promote concentration and improve vitality. Today, science provides evidence that the benefits of breathwork are real and valuable to our modern lives. In fact, many think of breathwork as “meditation for people who can’t meditate”. Our breathwork will teach you how to consciously change the way you breathe to calm the nervous system, increase alertness and boost your immune system.


Meditation induces a multitude of beneficial changes and reactions in the brain, including its widely documented power to increase concentration, improve sleep and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Our guided meditation is a simple practice led by our teachers, designed for those with little to no experience with meditation. All you need is a comfortable place to sit and yourself.


A deep dive into the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as our “rest and digest system”, which is deactivated in periods of stress. Our Restorative Yoga practice uses props such as blankets, pillows and towels to support your body into restorative poses so that it has nothing to do but surrender to gravity and rest.


At its core, mindful movement involves deliberately and mindfully doing a series of actions – like walking, preparing dinner, or folding laundry – that you would normally do automatically. The brilliance of a mindful movement is that it teaches you how to turn everyday actions into tools for mindfulness and stress reduction.


Where high-intensity interval training meets the slow and controlled muscle-burning of Pilates, HIIT Pilates is designed to elevate the heart rate, boost cardiovascular endurance and leave the mind and body feeling warm and invigorated. SRW’s HIIT Pilates classes are intentionally short in duration to not create further stress in the body.