Studio Red Yoga

We Believe in a Life Well Lived

At Studio Red, we believe in taking care of our bodies and nourishing our souls.
And that tea helps to nurture wellness.

We believe in creating calm moments.
We’re passionate about the benefits of yoga and meditation as tools to calm, re-energise and restore.
So, in 2015, founder Vicky Cullinane established Studio Red, an award-winning yoga and meditation studio in Central Auckland.
A beautiful, peaceful environment in which to soothe body, mind and soul.

We believe tea enhances those calm moments.
Tea is a ritual. Tea can be spiritual. And often sociable.
It’s clean, refreshing, restorative.
Tea slows you down to speed you up.
Everyone feels better after a cup of tea!

So we’ve created Studio Red Wellness, a range of rare, organic and curated teas and infusions designed to create those calm moments in life.

Vicky Cullinane

Founder, Studio Red Wellness

“I have a joyful and endless curiosity with tea, it is at the very heart of wellness and complements the yoga practice so well. I am truly delighted to share my carefully-curated range of organic teas that I have personally created to nourish the soul, relax the mind, and bring the wellness benefits that tea has to our busy lives.”

“What is wonderful about tea is that it is a ritual that’s all about taking a moment to slow down and be at peace, be it a shared social moment, or a quiet one.”

- Vicky Cullinane, founder, Studio Red Wellness

Holly Cook

Managing Partner, Studio Red Wellness

As Managing Partner, Holly focuses on business development and works closely with Vicky to innovate and enhance the wellness journey. She also leads a carefully curated group of world-class teachers, yoga events and workshops.

A trained yoga teacher and devoted practitioner, Holly brings a decade of experience in corporate and marketing communications to her role. Her other role as a mother enables her to understand the juggle of modern life and family – and the importance of taking time out for yourself.

“I believe there’s a natural connection between tea and yoga, in that there’s a sense of ritual and mindfulness with both. “The idea of wellness doesn’t need to be grand – it’s about enjoying five minutes to yourself, whether it’s having a cup of tea or a yoga practice.”

Alexandra Rangecroft

Product Manager - Teas

Alex has been interested in living a mindful lifestyle for as long as she can remember. She competed as a gymnast for Great Britain until the age of 18, then gained a degree in contemporary dance. After 17 years working with the Reiki energy, Alex has now become a Reiki Master.

Alex started practicing yoga at age 20 and completed her first teacher training in 2014. She has travelled the world teaching ever since, living in Switzerland, Portugal, France, Australia and Auckland, the place she now calls home.

She has also studied business, which has been invaluable in her role of Product Manager, Teas. Alex loves how tea can create mindful and present moments just like in yoga and meditation and supports nurturing the body, mind and soul - so she's relishing this role that connects her business training with her passion for mindful, healthy living.