Autumn Breathwork Immersion

Price: $65
Teacher: Sarah Lamb
When: Wednesday May 22nd 7-9pm

As we head into the darker months it is the perfect time to shed the ‘dead leaves’ and release what is no longer serving us. In the Autumn transition we honour both the light of summer, the energy of purpose and connection and the darker days ahead that invite reflection and renewal.

Our journey will be assisted by a full Flower Moon this month, a soft yet powerful energy that helps to draw out and cleanse the emotional waters within. We are always in a constant cycle of growth and release, expansion and contraction. The beauty of this style of transformational Breathwork is that it meets you exactly where you are, without force or judgement, and in the flow of conscious breath we reveal the layers and patterns held in the emotional body ready to be released. This is the natural process of self-healing and personal growth amplified through the breath.

This immersion is designed for intermediate and experienced breathers who have done at least a couple of Breathwork Journeys - not necessarily with Sarah - and are ready to go a little deeper into their practice. It is also perfect for holistic teachers, guides and other practitioners who need space for their own inner work.

About Sarah

Sarah is an experienced Breathwork Practitioner registered with the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance and has guided hundreds of people through these transformative journeys over the last 5 years. You will be held in a safe, supportive and loving space by Sarah and her support angel who will also be a qualified facilitator. Learn more about Sarah at

Spaces are limited to 25 so book early as it usually sells out.

What to bring:

  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket
  • Pillow
  • Water bottle
  • Journal (optional)

If you are brand new to Breathwork please get in touch with Sarah ( and she will steer you toward a suitable session to get started.