Breathwork Spring Immersion

Price: $65
Teacher: Sarah Lamb
When: Thursday 12th October 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Increase your productivity and renew your energy and clarity for Spring.

Join Breathwork Practitioner, Sarah Lamb on Thursday 12th October 6:30 - 8:30pm for a fully guided immersion into the liberating and transformative experience of conscious breathing. Breathwork is an active meditation that uses various breath patterns to bring about a profound shift in our energetic system. It helps us release stagnant energy, stuck emotions and regulate the systems of the body.

This 2 hour session that includes an introduction to the physiology of breath, guided meditation, gentle movement and opening breath patterns to release tension and prepare the mind and body. We then enter our transformational journey, a full 60 minutes of conscious connected breath to explore the layers of your emotional landscape. It is often cathartic and energising, clearing the path for a new and expansive way of being.

This is the perfect introduction to Breathwork if you are new to it and would like to learn in a safe and supportive space. If you are wondering if Breathwork is for you or have any questions, please email Sarah

Benefits of Breathwork:

- Regulation and restoration of the nervous system and improved wellbeing.
- Renewed energy and clarity.
- A way to reconnect to our self and our purpose.
- Decreased anxiety, frustration, confusion.
- Clarity for decision making and tuning into your own inner guidance.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before start time.

What to bring:

- We encourage you to bring your own yoga mat.

- Warm, comfortable clothing.

- A blanket, soft pillow or eye mask if desired.

- We recommend bringing a journal and pen.

Gift vouchers are available to purchase for these special events.

Important: If you are purchasing more than one ticket please email as each ticket needs to be linked to individual client accounts.Your spot will automatically be reserved if purchasing through our website or MindBody online browser. Please email if purchasing through the workshops pricing option on the MindBody or Studio Red Wellness app to ensure that you are enrolled in the event.