Sound Baths with Sophie Correia

Price: $55
Teacher: Sophie Correia
When: 2023 dates TBC

2023 dates TBC - watch this space or email to register your interest for 2023.

Sophie creates sound frequencies from her instruments to bring the body and mind to an optimal state by switching the nervous system from a fight-or-flight state, to a state of presence and harmony. As a result, there is a shift in brainwaves from a normal waking state to one of deep relaxation and sleep.

This method is extremely accessible to beginners and those who struggle to meditate as all you need to do is listen to the sounds and they effortlessly rebalance the body and mind.

SRW’s cedar-lined studio space provides the perfect cocoon to maximise this experience.

Sound healing is used to enhance immunity, reduce physical pain, stress and anxiety, restore emotional balance, improve sleep and amplify creativity.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before start time to ensure plenty of time for set-up.

What to bring:

- Your own yoga mat

- Warm, comfortable clothing

- A blanket or eye mask if desired

Gift vouchers are available to purchase for these special events.

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