Wahine Cacao Ceremony

Price: $45
Teacher: Mibella Villafana
When: Saturday 16 July from 5-6.30pm

Cacao has been used in ceremony for thousands of years by Latin America to ignite the heart and connection to universal energy. This evening we will witness the magic of cacao unfold within ourselves in union with meditation, sound healing and elemental intuitive movement.

We will learn about the Aztec and Mayan connection to cacao, and allow the beautiful plant medicine to ignite our senses through a guided meditation, dance, and sound healing. It will be a safe space for sharing and connecting on a deeper level with ourselves and each other.

What to bring:

- Your own mat
- A towel to cover a bolster
- Comfortable clothing
- Warm layers and a blanket

Important: If you are purchasing more than one ticket please email info@studioredyoga.com as each ticket needs to be linked to individual client accounts. Your spot will automatically be reserved if purchasing through our website or MindBody online browser. Please email info@studioredyoga.com if purchasing through the workshops pricing option on the MindBody or Studio Red Wellness app to ensure that you are enrolled in the event.