Answers to all your frequently asked questions

How do I book for class?

Class bookings can be made via our website, the MindBody App or our Studio Red Wellness App downloadable via the App Store. Bookings are essential.

Please arrive 15 minutes before class is due to start. Your place will be held until 5 minutes before class begins. If you have not arrived at this time your place may be allocated to a waiting client.

Class sizes are limited to 25 people to ensure client comfort.

Arrival, start and finish times

Please arrive 15 minutes before class starts.

Classes always start on time and finish on time. Once class is underway the studio doors are locked and we are unable to admit latecomers. Practitioners are expected to commit for the entire duration of class.

This protocol is in place to ensure our studio space remains secure while clients are practicing and to provide an uninterrupted experience for those in the room.

The studio closes promptly 30 minutes after class.

What facilities are onsite?

Our facilities include lockers, showers, toilets, changing rooms and a lounge area. We have hangers for your clothes, body wash in each showers and hair dryers and straighteners in the women’s changing room. Bring whatever you need to get ready after your class.

Towels are available to hire for $3.

We provide filtered water dispensers in the changing rooms and encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle.

What do I need to know for my first visit?

Find all the information you need in our dedicated first visit section.

You need to be 16 years or older to practice at Studio Red Wellness

Is parking available?

There is ample paid parking available in the City Works Depot car park surrounding the studio. Limited street parking is also available nearby.

What class should I attend?

Our Yin and Yin Yang classes are a fantastic place to start for a complete beginner or practitioner just wanting to relax and unwind. These classes offer gentle poses at a slower pace in an unheated room.

Red Fusion is a heated, dynamic practice but also beginner-friendly. Our teachers are experienced at working with beginners and would provide simpler options for newer practitioners.

HIIT Pilates is a challenging but beginner friendly workout with modifications offered for new attendees. Be prepared to sweat!

Our full range of class descriptions are available here.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions about which class is best for you.

Is the studio heated?

Some of our classes are heated and some run at room temperature. Full details can be found in each class description.

Our studio has a custom-designed heating system which creates ambient warmth while still maintaining airflow in the room.

Our aim is for the heat to support your practice rather than provide a challenge to overcome.

Can I practice during pregnancy?

We request that you take a break from practicing at Studio Red Wellness during your pregnancy.

Many of our classes are undertaken in a heated room which is contraindicated during pregnancy. Additionally, not all our instructors are trained in pre-natal modifications.

We strongly advise finding a pregnancy-specific class or course to support you during this time.

Can I practice with an injury?

Please seek advice from your doctor or physiotherapist before attending Studio Red Wellness. Once you’ve had this confirmation, please notify us of your injury before attending class.

We also recommend arriving early and advising your teacher so they can best support you.

How does the waitlist work?

If your preferred class is full you are welcome to join the waitlist.

There are five places available on the waitlist for each class. If a space becomes available you will be automatically added to the class and notified by email.

The waitlist locks 125 minutes before class to ensure anyone who is given a place has reasonable opportunity to get to the studio on time.

Do you supply mats and props?

We encourage you to bring your own mat to every class you attend, but they are available to hire for $3 at the front desk.

We have a full suite of props available including bolsters, pilates weights, bands, straps, eye pillows and rosewood yoga blocks to support your practice. You are also welcome to bring your own.

We ask clients to sanitise their props after class and we deep clean props again each evening.

Towels are also available to hire for $3 at the front desk.

Cancellation Policies

For all classes, you’re able to cancel your booking up to two hours before class starts without penalty.

Cancelling less than two hours before class or 'no showing' will result in losing your class credit or if on an ‘Unlimited’ pass, incurring a “late cancel” fee of $10.

You will be notified by our Administration Manager that this fee has been applied to your MindBody account.

Please understand that we are a ‘Limited Capacity’ studio and every place in class is valuable to our business and other clients wishing to attend.

Our in-studio events and retreats have their own cancellation policies. Please note these at the time of booking.

What measures are in place for COVID safety?


Please do not attend the studio if you are unwell or feel like you might be getting sick. This is especially important if you are coughing, sneezing, have a sore throat or other respiratory symptoms.

Do not attend the studio if you have been in contact with a person who has COVID-19, someone who has been asked to self-isolate or have attended a location of interest.

Sanitising and cleaning

Please sanitise your hands before and after class.

We have rigorous professional cleaning protocols in place for the entire studio including all props and high touch point surfaces.

We operate an industry-leading ventilation and filtration system that brings in a continuous ratio of 50 percent fresh air from outside. It has a built-in air filtration system which heats the air to 100 degrees (to kill microbes), then the air is cooled to our required temperature before it enters the room. The electrical engineer (Brendan Clarkson) who installed the system, and whose company continues to service it regularly, has never seen such highly specialised equipment go into such a small space.

During regular service our filters are sprayed with anti-bacterial and anti-viral cleaning solution.

Mats and Props

We encourage you to bring your own mat to each class you attend.

We have a full-suite of props available to use including bolsters, blocks, straps, eye pillows, HIIT Pilates bands and weights.