Holly Cook

Holly Cook

Role: Studio Director

As Studio Red's Studio Director, Holly leads business development and is passionate about sharing wellness practices with our clients.

Holly brings to Studio Red more than a decade of experience working in corporate and marketing communications. Spending the last five years of her career specialising in media relations and crisis management, Holly understands first-hand the power of conscious practices to navigate the corporate world.

Most recently, becoming a mother has revealed the value of regular yoga and meditation practice and the significance of truly living in the present moment.

Holly has practiced yoga for 20 years, is a trained teacher and twice-daily meditator.

“I’ve always been interested in the idea of shifting energy and stored information living in our bodies whether it’s through high intensity exercise or meditation.”

“It’s what Studio Red does so well – conscious practices that work from the exterior to the interior, from the gross to the subtle to gain an empowered connection to the self and transform our lives for the better.”

“I really love that we’re able to offer options from HIIT Pilates to Yin and so much in between. Often we need this process of discovery and trying different practices to land on what works for us as individuals.”