Kirsty van de Geer

Kirsty van de Geer

Kirsty has had a love of movement from her early years as a gymnast and dancer. Her creative passion led her into a twenty-year-long career in the art department of the film and television industry. Throughout this time Kirsty discovered yoga as a means to keep her body supple for the gruelling days on set and quickly fell in love with the practice for the benefits and peace it brought her.

After her second child was born, Kirsty took a new direction and began teaching yoga. She has since completed more than 500 hours of teacher training in both the practices of Yin and Vinyasa. Kirsty has trained extensively under the tutoring of Paul Grilley’s assistant, Yin yoga teacher Jo Phee.

Kirsty's understanding of bone variation and fascial tension allows her to skilfully guide all body types into a practice that supports the unique shape, history and injury that students may bring to their mats. Her Yin classes are deeply nourishing and offer students an opportunity for contemplation in a supportive environment.

Her dynamic yoga classes will often blend elements of free movement, QiGong and classic yoga for her students to explore the various pathways to opening up the body and its energetic channels, and to build a deeper body awareness for greater ease and grace.

It is through the pathway of connectivity that yoga enhances our well-being, resilience and ability to remain graceful as we face life's challenges. The practice of yoga offers a doorway into knowing ourselves more deeply and loving ourselves more wholly.

Yoga has the ability to release some of the deep patterns and behaviours that hold us back from growth and love, so that we may live our lives with deeper connection and compassion. Not just for ourselves, but within our relationships, with nature, and with all beings.

Some of the teachers Kirsty has trained with are Jo Phee, Amy Ippolitti, Tara Judelle, and Kara-Leah Grant. Kirsty is currently training in a year-long programme in Hansa Therapeutics with Vincent Bolletta.