Milly Taylor

Milly Taylor

Milly believes that yoga is a transformative practice for people from all backgrounds, at any age. She has taught people from age 2 to 70 and loves how one practice can connect so many people.

Milly’s journey with yoga started at 15 years old, where she found a release from the regular stressors and anxieties of being a teenager. After completing one year of University and feeling like it wasn’t the right place for her, she completed her first 200-hour training with Power Living.

Milly completed another 200-hour training with Awhi Yoga and Wellbeing, which drew on the connections between Maori culture and ancient yogic philosophy.

Since then she has learnt from a huge range of teachers over New Zealand and Canada.

Last year Milly decided to go back to university and is completing her undergrad in psychology. She is very interested in indigenous psychology and hopes to one day fuse her knowledge of yoga and psychology together.

Her classes are challenging but slow paced with an emphasis on moving with breath.