Studio Red Wellness Tea, a range of New Zealand blended, organic teas and infusions has been carefully-curated by tea sommelier, Vicky Cullinane to nourish the body, relax the mind, and bring the wellness benefits of tea to our busy lives.

We’ve sourced the finest organic ingredients, from all around the globe and blended them with New Zealand native herbs. We’ve sourced unique, native New Zealand plants such as Manuka, Kawakawa and wild horopito to create flavours you won’t find elsewhere in the world.

Each blend is unique to Studio Red Tea, originating from our award-winning wellness studio in Auckland Central. We use only the best organic ingredients, with no additives or artificial anything, to give you the utmost flavour in every cup.

Our tea bags are made with biodegradable corn starch, our tags with recyclable, uncoated paper, and our beautiful tins are made to be reused, again and again.

Being environmentally friendly is at the heart of what we do. We always aim for biodegradable and compostable materials, with no single use plastics.