Studio Red Yoga

Flavour is at the heart of our teas

As a trained tea sommelier, Vicky has sourced the finest tea leaves from around the world. Closer to home, we’ve sourced unique, native plants such as manuka, kawakawa and wild horopito to create flavours you won’t find elsewhere in the world.

We use only the very best organic ingredients ... with no additives or artificial anything ... to give you the utmost flavour in every cup.

Everything organic. And nothing that’s not.

Putting only goodness into your body goes hand in hand with the practice of yoga and meditation.

So we’ve sourced organic elderflower leaves from Bosnia, chamomile from Egypt, rose petals from Bulgaria, lavender from China, cornflower blossoms from Bulgaria ... if it’s in our teas, it’s certified organic.

What’s more, our tea bags are made with only biodegradable corn starch, our tags only with recyclable, uncoated paper, and our beautiful tins are made to be reused. Again and again.

Like tea, we believe the best things take time.

This range has been brewing for a while. Which is why Vicky trained as a tea sommelier at the UK Tea Academy, and is working towards her tea masters, so that she can truly share her love of tea with others.

Now, over two years in the making, we’re delighted to share with you our range of the finest organic, rare and bespoke teas, personally curated by Vicky to be savoured to the last drop. Enjoy!